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Welcome to the Tower-Soudan Historical Society

We are excited to bring local history to light. We discover, reveal and share the area’s remarkable past and connect people with history in meaningful ways.

We are actively engaged in preserving Tower-Soudan-Lake Vermilion’s past, sharing community stories and providing a link to the roots of the community and its people.

Since 1963, we’ve grown to become the historical society we are today — playing an important role in our community’s preservation, education and tourism by providing the public with enlightening and entertaining programs, exhibitions, and events.

By preserving our significant historic resources, the Tower-Soudan Historical Society is enhancing the unique character of our community.

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The Lake Vermilion GOLD RUSH

Minnesota went wild that cold December day in 1865. Gold had been discovered up north by Lake Vermilion! The news was on everyone’s lips, in every tavern and every home people talked about the untold wealth that lay untapped in northern Minnesota.

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Mother’s Day Fire 1992

The Mother’s Day Fire of 1992 is a true story of personal heroism played out in the midst of the fire’s fury. DNR AND Forest Service fire crews, volunteer fire departments, and neighbors all pitched in to save most of the homes along County Road 26, Highway 169 and elsewhere in the vicinity. It’s a story that needs to be told as part of our city’s historical record.

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60° Below Zero

In a state where winter endurance stories are passed from generation to generation, the real tales of what happened on the coldest day on state record are perhaps just now taking on full dimension these decades later.

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As a community-based non-profit, we rely on the support of those interested in preserving the history of the Tower-Soudan and Lake Vermilion areas.

About the TSHS

The Tower-Soudan Historical Society is dedicated to community enrichment through education, preservation, and celebration of the rich history and the heritage of the Tower-Soudan and Lake Vermilion community through people, artifacts and stories.

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